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MTM Recognition proudly contributes to meaningful and memorable recognition moments worldwide every day.

Our goal is to help organizations and their stakeholders encourage and celebrate achievement with memorable award programs, unique symbolic rewards, and other creative incentive products.

For more than forty years MTM has partnered with Fortune 100 corporations, governments, sports teams, associations and organizations to design, manufacture, and deliver memorable, meaningful and unique awards to deserving performers.


"The impact of the Circle of Stars ring program has been huge—it has taken on a brand of its own as a symbol of extraordinary achievement."


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  • Social Employee Recognition: 3 Important Features

    Author: Katelyn Cheatwood Public & Instantaneous Newsfeed   A friendly thank you to a coworker is always welcome and appreciated, but a thank you that is displayed for the whole company to see carries much more weight. Most companies (about 80% in fact) have a yearly awards banquet, publicly announcing award winners. While an awards banquet is a…

  • The History of Thank You Notes

    The mediums we’ve used to express our thanks have shifted over the years. One of the ways we’ve shown our gratitude over time is by writing thank you notes. How did thank you notes originate? The Chinese and Egyptian cultures were the first to start writing what closely resembled thank you notes. They would write…

  • Celebrating US Manufacturing Day

    What is US manufacturing day? An annual celebration of US manufacturing and an opportunity to educate the next generation of manufacturers. Despite political and economic shifting over the years the American manufacturing industry continues to thrive. Don’t believe us? Here are some cold hard statistics showing how manufacturing contributes to the growth of the US…

  • Rewarding Teachers for a Job Well Done

    Teachers work hard and research shows that unfortunately they don’t get recognized as they should. In fact, Gallup’s recent study surveyed more than 25 million employees from around the globe, with over 10,000 of them being educators. In the survey, they asked what helps them be engaged at work. On this survey K-12 teachers rated…

  • MTM Artist Scott Sackett: Employee Feature

    There is much more to designer Scott Sackett than meets the eye. Each day he uses his artistic skills to create incredible awards for MTM Recognition. Whenever a client has a hankering for something creative, Scott brainstorms and gets to work. Each award he creates is uniquely designed to inspire greatness in those who receive…

  • The Making of the Pilot Flying J Battle At Bristol Trophy

    Every champion needs a trophy. The champions of the first ever major college football game to be played inside of a racetrack will hoist a trophy as big and historic as the event itself. Weighing in at an impressive 88 lbs (one of the heaviest made in college sports), the finished trophy will illuminate in…

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