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MTM Recognition proudly contributes to meaningful and memorable recognition moments worldwide every day.

Our goal is to help organizations and their stakeholders encourage and celebrate achievement with memorable award programs, unique symbolic rewards, and other creative incentive products.

For more than forty years MTM has partnered with Fortune 100 corporations, governments, sports teams, associations and organizations to design, manufacture, and deliver memorable, meaningful and unique awards to deserving performers.


"The impact of the Circle of Stars ring program has been huge—it has taken on a brand of its own as a symbol of extraordinary achievement."


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  • College Football Bowl Trophies 2015

    Bowl season is one of our favorite times here at MTM. For us it is a season filled with anticipation as our production team is hard at work making sure that the most prestigious awards in college sports are assembled with care. On any given day this time of year, you may see one of our creations on…

  • Law Enforcement Campaign: The Thin Blue Line

    Where it Started The phrase a “Thin Blue Line” was introduced to the world in a 1988 documentary film of the same name.  This phrase was coined during the trial of man accused of murdering a Dallas police officer.  Prosecutor Doug Mulder, in his closing arguments, stated that there was a “thin blue line” of…

  • Community: Supporting the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation

      How The Project Started In August of 2014, we were commissioned to create a special badge and coin to honor the brave first responders and all government officials involved in the Murrah Building bombing. The badge was designed to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of that fateful day in April of 1995 and to help…

  • Top 10 End of Year Awards Banquet Ideas

    It’s that time of year again – AWARDS BANQUETS! It’s the best kind of recognition – in front of and with your co-workers. At the end of the year, employees have worked millions of hours combined and as a culture we like to celebrate after a job well done. It’s also a good time to…

  • How to Keep Your Employees

    What kind of turnover do you experience in your company? In the U.S., 71% of workers are disengaged. As millennial’s enter the workforce, they’re job-hopping. On average, they’re changing jobs every 18 months. How are you going to compete and keep good talent? There are a lot of statistics out there that say a higher…

  • Employee Recognition & Data Security: What You Should Know

    An employee recognition program is a fantastic tool to increase employee engagement and reinforce your company’s values. But are you protecting yourself and being as safe as you can with the data being used? We’ve got some tips and best practices for you to consider: Sending Employee Recognition Data When sending your organization’s employee recognition…

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