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MTM Recognition proudly contributes to meaningful and memorable recognition moments worldwide every day.

Our goal is to help organizations and their stakeholders encourage and celebrate achievement with memorable award programs, unique symbolic rewards, and other creative incentive products.

For more than forty years MTM has partnered with Fortune 100 corporations, governments, sports teams, associations and organizations to design, manufacture, and deliver memorable, meaningful and unique awards to deserving performers.


"The impact of the Circle of Stars ring program has been huge—it has taken on a brand of its own as a symbol of extraordinary achievement."


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    What kind of turnover do you experience in your company? In the U.S., 71% of workers are disengaged. As millennial’s enter the workforce, they’re job-hopping. On average, they’re changing jobs every 18 months. How are you going to compete and keep good talent? There are a lot of statistics out there that say a higher…

  • Employee Recognition & Data Security: What You Should Know

    An employee recognition program is a fantastic tool to increase employee engagement and reinforce your company’s values. But are you protecting yourself and being as safe as you can with the data being used? We’ve got some tips and best practices for you to consider: Sending Employee Recognition Data When sending your organization’s employee recognition…

  • Top 5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

    Here at MTM, we make and meet goals all the time. Since discovering these top 5 ways to accomplish those goals, we are meeting deadlines left and right. We rely a lot on Step 3 and getting support to help bring you closer to your completed goal. Programs like Carousel and Trello really support a…

  • The Joy of Recognition Comes Full Circle

    Written by: Donna Lamprecht With fanfare and pageantry that rivaled the Opening Ceremonies, the 2015 World Summer Games in LA came to a close this past Sunday in a ceremony featuring athletic skills and courage of some 6,500 Special Olympics athletes. It was a week the athletes won’t soon forget and neither will those of…

  • 9 Ways Technology Improves Employee Engagement

    Every good organization knows the value of recognition – they’ve studied all the research, know the theories, but most importantly have seen the results themselves from their own recognition efforts. Here at MTM, the key to our successful employee engagement tactic centers around the technology implemented into our recognition platform. To achieve the results you…

  • MTM to Help Scatter Recognition Around

      Written by: Molly Martin, VP Administration  Two years ago, MTM launched the Red Shoe Campaign and created a buzz with red shoe stress balls. This campaign was displayed at trade shows to help relate employee recognition to different stages of life. The Story Behind the Red Shoe Campaign When our creative team first announced that they…

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