MTM’s Global Recognition Program is driven by trade and provides regional fulfillment worldwide and includes in country shipping for multiple countries. While offering localized recognition and rewards solutions, we can also integrate customized symbolic product options to reinforce important elements of our clients’ culture and history.

MTM provides in-country fulfillment to countries including: Canada, Brazil, India, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico.

  • i3 Global – One Digital Platform for Multi-Cultural Recognition
  • Multi-lingual catalogs and websites
  • All-inclusive single source supplier
  • In-country fulfillment to many locations throughout the globe

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Global Sustainability

Globalization has made developing strong supplier relationships imperative. MTM Recognition works closely with our suppliers to ensure that our business operations protect the citizens of the countries from which we source. All metals that we purchase must be certified as non-conflict in accordance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Similarly, our diamonds are sourced from vendors in compliance with the Clean Diamond Act.

Challenges of Global Programs

In today’s global economy, it’s more important than ever that those organizations take steps to engage their employees. The competition in the marketplace for top employees is just as fierce for that of products and services. Award programs designed to engage and recognize employees have begun to extend beyond their domestic walls and are opening up to their organization’s entire global workforce. But the question is, how?

Many US-based multinational organizations have recognition programs in place to award their US employees but they do not extend this program to their employees located outside of the US. That’s like throwing a celebration party, and not inviting everyone.

Another common practice in global companies is treating your international program as simply an extension of your domestic program. This is a big no-no when it comes to employee recognition because it can lead to many problems such as; lack of local relevancy, ineffective award design, high shipping costs, and border hold-ups and duties (just to name a few).



Other companies simply let their other region or country heads manage a program at their own discretion. This too can be a messy situation as costs can balloon due to a decentralized budget management system. Mixed messages often occur as each branch takes their own approach and overall organizational goals are not met. Logistically speaking, this also becomes problematic as multiple suppliers directly increase program management costs as well as day-to-day administration.

Benefits of Partnering with a Global Recognition Company

Consistency: One message, one process, one organization.

Working with a single global supplier is the only realistic way to achieve such consistency and maintain local relevancy. Program goals and budgets can be aligned while specifically targeting the needs of your organization’s entire employee base.

To put it simply, single supplier = super savings.