A sustainable future that leads to social and economic improvements is one of MTM’s highest priorities. MTM continually looks for new opportunities for environmental improvement.

Environmental Mission Statement:

MTM is dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvements by regularly testing component materials, requiring vendors to provide certification of component materials, recycling and using recycled materials where possible, and reducing print waste by encouraging on-line recognition solutions and on-demand printing.

QAwards-137 (1)

Lean Manufacturing:

Eliminating waste + no overproduction + no extra steps = increased productivity + company growth + client savings

Baldridge Criteria for Excellence

Both our Oklahoma and Illinois locations won awards based on The Baldridge Criteria for Excellence. The Criteria is based on seven critical aspects of managing and performing as an organization:

1. Leadership
2. Strategic planning
3. Customer focus
4. Measurement, analysis and knowledge management
5. Workforce focus
6. Operations focus
7. Results

Be Safe: MTM has devoted significant resources to develop and deploy a fully integrated health and safety program. We have several core values, but Be Safe is the most rewarded, most emphasized, and most important.

How do we do it?

Full-time Environmental Health and Safety Director who takes full advantage of the voluntary audits offered through the Department of Labor OSHA division, establishes measurable goals that allow us to assess our progress, and utilizes safety committees.

Open door culture and 360° Communication process where employees are able to anonymously submit any concern or question. These submissions can be entered electronically on our intranet or dropped into the 360° boxes located in every building.

Employee health and wellness programs: MTM is able to offer free or discounted screenings and vaccinations, MTM walking club, on-site workout classes, monthly health and wellness lunch and learns, and much more.

Is safety a priority in your organization too? Reward people for it.

Our In-House Printing System – FlexCom

Gone are the days of stock on the shelf or outdated brochures as products are updated. With digital printing, warehouse space needs have been dramatically reduced — allowing for more efficient use of resources and a significant decrease in wasted paper and motion. MTM is the leader in this in-house technology and continues to lead the charge in sustainability utilizing certified 100% post-consumer fiber paper.