Corporate Awards

Whether you’re looking to create an employee recognition program or wanting to improve your current program, corporate recognition awards and gift programs can be a key to success.


“Symbolism … it’s the difference between an award and a lasting memory.”

-Brian Parsley, Speaker, Consultant and Author

There are countless ways to customize your award from MTM. Incorporating your symbols, icons and colors truly make the award a special keepsake that reflects the foundation of your organization and communicates your goals. We have a wide selection of our unique ring and award styles that have been customized and manufactured exclusively for clients by MTM. We’d love to symbolize your company’s legacy next.


Hand-Crafted, One-of-a-Kind Recognition

Awards, rings, lapel pins or watches are all great ways to recognize your employees in a way that embodies your core values, culture and history through artful symbolism.

Why Awards?

Yes, cash or gift cards are useful in the short term because everybody’s got bills to pay, and everybody can use a little something extra. But for a lasting impact, there’s no beating a tangible award sitting on the shelf or adorning the wrist or finger of your company’s highest achievers.

That’s another thing corporate recognition awards excel at: By their physical presence in your office, and in those of your company’s top people, they create a culture of recognition. Just by being there, they remind everyone who sees them that success is not only real, but attainable and even tangible.

MTM Recognition handcrafts our customers’ corporate recognition gifts, and our commitment to quality workmanship has shown for the four decades we’ve been in business.

Make it Mintworthy

MTM wanted to offer Sonic a fresh approach to their awards – something mintworthy! Drawing on Sonic’s distinctive personality and brand – including the iconic mint candy give-away – MTM initiated a creative and fun recognition strategy that proved effective. The original Top Performer awards were expanded to include exclusive awards and jewelry, and now honor franchise managers, employees and retirees.

“Creativity, creativity, creativity – MTM has developed a complete line of Service Awards for Sonic that reflects our history and iconography and it has been very well received. From custom glass “minted” plate awards, to beautiful custom jewelry adorned with Sonic product images, MTM has gone way above and beyond to create symbolic, meaningful award items for our employees. Couldn’t be happier with MTM’s award program and excellent customer service.”

– Don Sivard, Sonic Director of People Services


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