Rings & Jewelry

The emotional appeal of an award ring is truly universal. For men or women, young or old, from new employee to CEO, a ring is the perfect embodiment of a company’s heartfelt appreciation. It is unique, timeless, personal, and will be treasured for a lifetime.

Our ring capabilities are unmatched

For thousands of years, rings have been used to symbolize leadership, excellence, achievement, affiliation, and loyalty. Corporate award rings set the standard and honor elite performers, loyal long-term employees and members with the internationally recognized symbol of achievement – the ring.

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Why a Rings Program?

It’s a matter of pride, belonging, personal growth and a desire to feel valued by peers and management. Let MTM create a ring program for your performers today!

  • Create pride in achievement
  • Encourage positive behaviors
  • Increase sales
  • Recognize elite memberships in President’s Club, Circle of Excellence, Lifetime Achievers, Million Mile Club, Million Dollar Club, Chairman’s Club, Quota Club and more

corp_four-rings Once introduced, a ring program is timeless and will not require maintenance. Its appeal is its stability. The longer the program exists, the more important earning a ring becomes. Add the capability to set diamonds for successive years of qualification and cost effectively enhance the long-term motivational impact of your programs.

We know bling

MTM Recognition’s master designers sculpt custom rings that capture the very essence of an organization. The surfaces of the rings become miniature mosaics, capable of depicting special images from the company’s history or current culture. It is these images and symbols that distinguish the rings, and honor the achievements that earn them.

Our Manufacturing Process

No two rings are the same - see for yourself

Create an entire collection around your company icons customized to your needs

Lapel pins, rings, watches — all of them are corporate recognition awards of the highest order, and all are significant to the employees who earn them.


Let us produce a flawless program for you: a program to be proud of, and one that will inspire great performance