MTM’s handcrafted awards commemorate a special event or milestone that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Reinforce your culture with unique symbols of recognition

Not only do they fuel the human spirit, they create a culture of recognition within a company. By being proudly displayed in an office, they remind everyone who sees them that success is not only real, but attainable, and even tangible.

Icons represent the history, traditions, visions and values of all great organizations, as well as honor those who venture beyond the ordinary to accomplish extraordinary things. MTM can memorialize your legacy into symbolic works of art.

MTM looks forward to working with companies of all sizes to leverage our creativity, experience, design, technology and manufacturing capabilities to transform an awards program into a powerful vehicle for employee engagement.


Your MTM Award:

  • Crafted just for you by our artisans.
  • Designed to fit your specific goals and budget.
  • Comprehensive offering of products – rings, medals and more that is consistent with branding.
  • Seasoned recognition consultants walk you through each step, from creation to celebration.

We’ll help you create an entire award program to honor excellence.


Sterling Achievement

For some accomplishments, nothing proclaims victory of supreme honor quite like an impressive award. MTM create the keepsakes with superb craftsmanship benefitting the commendation. These gleaming memorials will inspire future achievements.



Excellence becomes a frame of mind with MTM’s wall-to-wall recognition possibilities. Choose from subtle and elegantly modeled paper sculptures, metal reliefs, custom collages and more. Perfect for honoring achievement, framed awards will solidify the symbols of your organization, instilling loyalty and pride for years to come.



To exemplify your organization’s history, MTM uses your trademarks, photographs and memorabilia, translating those icons into beautiful heirlooms.


Outstanding Honors

Whether you prefer a dazzling contemporary award with full-color effects, distinctive metal finishes, a multi-level structure or traditional wooden style, plaques remain a popular way to motivate and recognize your people.


MTM can help guide you through the many options to fit your needs.