Whether you’re just starting out an employee recognition program or looking to improve on your existing strategy, corporate recognition awards and corporate gift programs can be a key to success.

Employee recognition centers around one central fact: The need to be recognized and rewarded for hard work is among the strongest human desires.

And in an economic climate where pay raises are scarce and workloads are increasing, it’s more important than ever for corporations to keep employees engaged and let them know their work is vital to the company’s continuing success.


Create an awards program that inspires, motivates and encourages

The most effective ways to motivate employees to achieve the desired goals of the organization is to focus on genuine expressions of appreciation for employee achievements, service milestones and a day-to-day acknowledgement of performance excellence. In a nutshell, a positive employee reward and recognition strategy can be summed up by the following: nothing is better than a sincere “thank you for a job well done.”

Symbolic awards

Symbolic awards are designed to create an heirloom or elite status for their recipients and the company they represent. These awards symbolize leadership, excellence or years of dedicated service. They commemorate an event or milestone and embody a company’s heartfelt appreciation—a truly unique, timeless and personal gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

  • Builds tradition and heritage
  • Value increased ROI
  • Must be earned

See our handcrafted corporate awards

See Our Handcrafted Corporate Awards

Our vertical integration ensures we walk you through each step of the process

  • Project Management – Our Recognition Consultants will be your teammate throughout the entire awards process, from concept to presentation.
  • Award Design – Your handcrafted awards will be designed by our artisans, who on average have 14 years of experience.
  • Program Communications – Whether it’s a branded brochure highlighting all of the awards or a Job Well Done certificate, our graphic designers are at your service.
  • Presentation – We’ll help you organize an entire awards presentation, complete with celebration kits and best practices on how to present.
  • Innovation – MTM’s extensive and highly experienced team of IT developers will continually evaluate your awards program for opportunities for innovation and improvement to guarantee a state of the art program for a constantly changing business environment.

Let us add value to your workplace. Many companies can provide some of these services and products; only MTM Recognition can exceed your expectations for all.