Points Management

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who your top performers are – that’s where we come in.

Carousel: The Ultimate Multi-Generational Social Recognition Platform

MTM’s comprehensive point management solution

Our goal is to help you create a unique recognition culture for your company that’s comprehensive and simple to administer. Our points-based web system can be customized to effectively communicate your organization’s brand, message and recognition goals.


The best recognition programs are those that are diverse and significantly impact performance and associate satisfaction. Often that means there are multiple owners, budgets and communications happening simultaneously. We can help pull it all together. We work with our clients through all phases to combine the efforts of every member into a recognition culture that benefits your entire company.


Whether it’s one or a diverse mix of programs, a Points Management application will record and track the recognition events of individuals and an organization.



Exclusive Features:

• Program planning and integration
• Customized website, print materials and products
• Points banking and wish lists
• Extensive catalog
• Instant recognition through redeemable custom cards
• Forecasting and budgeting
• Data and event recording
• Measurable ROI and analysis
• Marketing and communication planning


Carousel applications are ideal for promoting associate satisfaction and engagement in:

• Attendance
• Wellness
• Service
• Community Service
• Suggestion/Innovation
• Peer-to-Peer/Manager-to-Peer
• Vendor/Supplier Relationships
• Sales
• Safety
• Retirement