Getting everyone engaged and thinking about workplace safety creates a safer work environment. Our Safety Recognition Programs provide a comprehensive solution to keeping your employees engaged, happy and healthy.

Safety is a #1 priority

Incorporating recognition into your organization’s safety program is an integral step to ensure the success of that program. Through the reduction of accidents and lost time, the investment made into an effective safety recognition program can actually save a company money.


  • Increase safety awareness among employees.
  • Result in long-term, safer work habits.
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate problems that affect your bottom line (e.g., high workers’ compensation costs, vehicular and cargo damage costs, etc.).
  • Encourage teamwork.

What exactly is a Safety Recognition Program?


MTM Recognition’s programs are non-traditional motivational programs as recommended by OSHA that help keep your employees engaged, happy and healthy. MTM focuses on driving leading indicators, education and reinforcement to get the performance results you expect.

Safety Achievements can include:

  • Above and beyond safety
  • Annual Outstanding Driver or Crew Awards
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Training Completion
  • Safety Certifications
  • Accident-Free Miles
  • Accident-Free Man Hours

On-the-Spot Recognition Safety Recognition

Our social platform, Carousel, is simple and user-friendly for immediately rewarding remote and on-the-road associates for your whole organization to see and immediately celebrate. Each employee’s recognition history is tracked and published in a trophy case to continually commemorate an achievement-filled career.


Safety awards can take many forms…

Depending on the work environment, various conditions may dictate what to select. For instance, a Machine Operator may prefer a lapel pin or belt buckle over a ring, which could be a safety hazard or get in the way of his/her work. A driver who reaches One Million Miles with no accidents would proudly display a ring, reminding him and his peers of his accomplishment.

Desk awards are good alternatives for employees to proudly display at work, given he/she has a desk. Plaques or custom awards identifying the goal or objective met are constant reminders when placed in work areas.

All this can be recorded and celebrated through Carousel – MTM’s online recognition platform.

OG&E Safety

“Our successful safety recognition program increased safety awareness among employees, encouraged teamwork, and drastically reduced problems that affect the bottom line. Employees are encouraged to keep their safety coin close by… it’s a great way to promote safety as a part of our company culture.”



Safety should be a priority in any organization. Let our recognition consultants craft a program that keeps Safety top-of-mind at your company.