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Many companies do not have a way to tell who their best performers are. Build your own recognition program from thousands of award items in a virtual catalog. We can track, collect and deliver that data to you through CarouselTM.

CarouselTM is the ultimate multi-generational social recognition system in which points can immediately be rewarded via:

  • Peer-to-peer
  • Manager-to-employee
  • Data loads
  • Customized, printed point card
  • E-cards

CarouselTM features:

  • Quick and simple implementation
  • Single solution for all recognition programs including on-the-spot cards, e-badges, points and symbolic awards
  • Flexibility to drive your company’s culture and core values
  • Effective for all types of recognition
  • Trophy Case for recognition tracking
  • Real-time reporting and budget management
  • Integrated custom product catalog for point redemptions
  • Mobile app

CarouselTM is ideal for:

  • Performance
  • Milestone
  • Banquet awards
  • Company values
  • Team recognition
  • Sales performance
  • Safety
  • Wellness



Fast, frequent and fun recognition

MTM’s technology expertise lies in creating easy to use web and mobile applications. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our clients, knowing that the technology they are using today is not only best in class but will continue to evolve as we continue to innovate.

What makes CarouselTM unique?



Carousel offers a single customizable social recognition solution that engages and unites your workforce.

carousel-trophy-case (1)


Each individual has an electronic trophy case tracking and celebrating their achievements for everyone to see.

carousel-trophy-case (1)


All recognition can be immediately viewed, celebrated and tracked by the entire global organization on the optional corporate-wide newsfeed.

You need CarouselTM because you aren't going to slow down. Let us help you keep up.