A first impression only happens once. There are no do-overs. Those first seconds, hours, days or even weeks can set the tone for the connection of your new hires to your company. How you assimilate or onboard a new staffer has a significant impact on performance and the bottom line.

Successful, productive employees are engaged employees

Successful, productive employees are engaged employees. According to the Gallup Research Group: Employee engagement is the number one factor in workplace productivity.

And the best way to successfully engage employees is through a meaningful onboarding process. Onboarding ensures that new employees feel welcome, informed, prepared, and supported. Onboarding helps new employees feel engaged as part of the team.

Reinforce your company's mission and goals

With tangible reminders:

Lapel pins
Name tags

Personalize Recognition

Branded items customized with your logo add a nice addition to any recognition strategy. The variety of branded clothing, desk accessories and promotional items are excellent complements to an onboarding gift.

Don't wait 5 years to recognize employees

Social Recogntion - The Ultimate Multi-Generational Recognition Platform
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