Sports Awards

No one knows sports better than MTM Recognition. When you’re watching the Final Four in the spring, or rooting for your team in the Bowl Games, these are the moments we live for.


Victory is a Beautiful Moment in Sports

It doesn’t matter if it happens in a 12,000 seat arena or a local high school down the street. The moment when the hard work and training finally pay off and the winner lifts the award proudly above their head in triumph…that is the moment we live for.

Our team of designers, creative engineers, and manufacturing staff work together to create the most contemporary and highest quality sports awards possible. After all, what earned the award was hard work, dedication and discipline. The same effort goes into our awards. Check out some of MTM’s prestigious awards here.

Check out some of MTM’s prestigious awards here

Hand-Crafted, One-of-a-Kind Recognition

A Very Meaningful Partnership

For more than two decades, MTM has been a part of millions of moments in time when a Special Olympics athlete steps onto the podium and is recognized for his or her extraordinary talents.

From local and state events to National and World Games, MTM prides itself in recognizing the Special Olympic world-class athletes with the ultimate symbol of achievement – the medal.

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What started as a humble idea to involve law enforcement in the community and support Special Olympics now leads the world in opportunity and hope for those with intellectual disabilities. The largest grass-roots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle for Special Olympics, the Law Enforcement Torch Run® has grown extensively worldwide since its inception, with over 97,000 volunteers spanning 46 countries, and raising more than US$461 million for the Special Olympics movement.

MTM is proud to be the designer and manufacturer of the torch that carries the flame of hope throughout the world.

Special Olympics Awards and Merchandise